Mt. Shasta, Northern California Spiritual Retreat

Mt. Shasta, Northern California Spiritual Retreat

I returned this Monday from Mt. Shasta with our Leader/Guide Many Trapp.  There were 23 of us that gathered.  

The Group drank and soaked our feet in the headwaters bubbling from Mt. Shasta, Meditated, Hiked, explored Pluto's Caves, cold plunged at Burney Falls, swam in the mountain lakes, meditated, ate amazing clean food and were housed at Guru Shasta Retreat Centre


There are plenty of Mount Shasta legends that aren’t related to Indigenous peoples, the most famous of which surrounds the lost continent of Lemuria.

The well-known Mount Shasta myth says that somewhere deep beneath the 14,179-foot-tall mountain is a complex world of tunnels and a hidden city called Telos. Also known as the ancient “City of Light,” the town of Telos is home to an ancient community of people called the Lemurians. 

Those who believe in this Mount Shasta mystery say that the Lemurians were residents of the mythical lost continent of Lemuria. The continent existed until it was engulfed under the waves of the Indian Ocean many thousands of years ago—according to other theorists, the Pacific Ocean may have been the reason too. However, some claim that Lemurians survived the catastrophe and settled in the underground city of Telos. People who are drawn to the mountain for its tales have reported seeing seven-foot-tall creatures with long flowy hair on the mountains; they believe that they’re off springs of surviving Lemurians.

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